Marie Curie Doctoral Network PhD Scholarships: Digital Transition of Circular Economy

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The iCircular3 project is about the Intelligent circular lifecycles of industrial robots, outdoor power products, and electric vehicle, involving a consortium of 7 partners: 4 industry partners (KUKA Robotics, Ireland; IOTA Stiftung, Germany; Future Mobility Campus, Ireland and Husqvarna, Sweden) and 3 academic partners (University College Dublin, Ireland; Imperial College London, UK; Jonkoping University, Sweden). iCircular3 will recruit and train 9 Researchers to conduct sector-specific projects related to circular lifecycle perspectives; the projects will contribute to the development of new guidelines and digital tools for the integration of circularity in industry, as well as the identification of cross-sector commonalities. The strong academic/industry interaction in iCircular3 will ensure the relevance of each research project. Researchers will receive high-level industry-led research training and professional development courses, with a view to opening their career perspectives. Funding for these projects has been provided by the EU under their competitive HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01 (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Networks) programme under Grant Agreement No. 101073508.

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