Masood Ahmad

Researcher 1: Circular product development process utilizing advanced computer aided and DLTs

I specialize in the intersection of automated robotics, blockchain technology, machine learning, and Circular Economy (CE) principles. Holding a Master's degree in Robotics from Warsaw University of Technology and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from one of India's centrally funded universities.

Aaron Humberto Rios-Villanueva

Researcher 2: Extension of industrial robot scope and applicability in circular economy

I finished my Bachelor's degree in Mechatronic Engineering back in my native Mexico. Afterward, I started an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree in Smart Systems Integrated Solutions. I completed my master's thesis, related to MEMS design and cleanroom microfabrication, at Silicon Austria Labs.

Sepide Kordestany

Researcher 3: Reverse logistics network design DSS for EoL management of outdoor power products

With over 10 years of combined practical and academic experience in logistics and supply chain management, and a passion for creating a positive environmental impact, my focus centers on the design and implementation of a decision support system for reverse logistics networks, aimed at optimizing end-of-life management for outdoor products.

Waqas Ahmed

Research 4: Digital tools development for assessing the remaining lifetime of outdoor power products

I have a master's degree in electrical engineering from Pakistan. Previously, I worked as a research assistant at Aalborg University, Denmark, on the EU Horizon 2020 project, TilePlus. In addition, I have multiple publications in SCI-indexed journals focused on artificial intelligence, sustainable energy and climate.

Farzaneh Pouralireza

Researcher 5: Digital ledger technology to measure circularity in existing and future EV designs

Having completed my master's degree in aerospace engineering specialized in control systems, and with several years of experience in industry and data science, my research aims to develop cutting-edge digital tools for assessing circularity in product design and offering recyclability information for manufacturing companies.

Mohammad Rajabzadeh

Researcher 6: Design of circular systems enforcing social contracts

My academic background in Electrical Power Engineering, acquired through my undergraduate studies at Urmia University and graduate studies at Iran University of Science and Technology, has provided me with a strong foundation in this field. I have also gained significant expertise in optimizing power systems and battery energy storage systems.

Mojdeh Morshedi

Researcher 7: Intelligent circular supply chain design architecture and toolkit for industrial robots, outdoorpower products, and EVs

Holding a Master's degree in Information Technology Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. I have authored articles in the fields of artificial intelligence, especially recommendation systems. With several years of work and teaching experience in various industries, my expertise encompasses data analysis, machine learning, and product management.

Fernanda Rodriguez-Romo

Researcher 8: Digital transition framework for Circular Economy

I am contributing to this research program with more than 7 years working experience in buisness process development and digital tools implementation, holding a master's degree in sustainable production development from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Pouria Mohamadzadeh Oqaz

Researcher 9: Circular cyber-physical product as a service (PaaS) infrastructure

I'm a Design Engineering PhD student with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering and a master's degree in Aerostructures. My passion transitioned from engineering design to design theories, particularly Axiomatic Design. Currently, my research within iCircular3 centers on Circular Cyber-Physical Product as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure.